Wednesday, August 1, 2012

X-Women Minis: The Process

Here is a look from start to finish of the X-Women Minis Poster:

 STEP 1: I did this quick thumbnail, just laying out the characters and arranging all the elements on the page. I haven't been drawing in a while so I wanted to draw something simple enough and fun but also something I could really add details too.

 STEP 2: Here I looked up the 90's costumes of these characters. Wasn't really concerned with the poses I was going to use but more just getting the look and outfits for them.

 STEP 3: First I laid out the pencils and once I was happy with it inked the figures to finalize.

 STEP 4: So the plan was to do the background and powers using watercolors. This was the first layer of watercolors...takes lots of patience to work with.

 STEP 5: After the first layer dried I then applied the following layers. Starting to build up that Phoenix bird.

 STEP 6: All the powers completed, decided to add storm clouds on the bottom of the page to contrast the Phoenix up above. 

 STEP 7: Filled in the rest of the background. Had a lil accident and spilled black ink over some of Rogue and Storm but thankfully it's nothing Photoshop won't be able to fix. Now done with the watercolors part.

 STEP 8: Next was coloring the figures with COPIC MARKERS! Love them so much <3 p="p">

STEP 9: Scanned it into Photoshop, adjusted the colors, added the text and the big "X" to go in the background and voila! a finished piece. Simple enough right? ;)

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