Sunday, October 3, 2010

SCC: The Killian Flyer

This is a quick sketch of my O.C. (the guy in the banner) in what is supposed to be a flyer for our comic group at Square City Comics. Have I not mentioned that before? Oh yeah, check us out at

To-Do List

One of the problems I have is starting too many things at once and not finishing them up. So here is my queue and stuff I MUST complete before the year is up:

• First Five Cover for Issue #2
• Square City Comics Killian Flyer
• Square City Comics Collaboration Poster feat. Xio
• The Dragon Slayer One Pager
• The CMYK Project
• Ghost Rider Commission

I know I have more but for now I'm going to focus on knocking these out. SO THE DRAWIN IS ON!!!!